Sugg selling easy

Suggestive Selling adds THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the bottom line!

However, training the crew members to suggestive sell and having the crew members keep the focus on the customers order at the same time can be challenging!

So how do you increase profitable add-on sales every day?

With FLASHRIGHT® Suggestive Sell Displays!

Placed in the drive-thru or inside near the menu board, FLASHRIGHT Displays are your new “crew members” for completing those profitable add-on sales!

FLASHRIGHT Suggestive Sell Displays slowly “flash” a high impact dynamic message to create attention and influence the customer to make the suggested purchase, while your crew members are focusing on the customers order.

FLASHRIGHT Suggestive Sell Displays provide the ability to have a successful Suggestive Selling Program in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Tests have shown an average sales increase of 40% on featured items!

Typical ROI in Approximately 90 Days!

Your New Crew Member for Suggestive Selling:

  • Customer Friendly
  • Won’t Interfere with Customer Order or Timing
  • Consistent & Accurate Dynamic Message Every Time
  • Creates Impulse Purchases 24/7
  • Offers can be Easily & Quickly Changed at Any Time

Don’t Let Money Drive Out Your Drive-Thru!

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As soon as we installed these (FLASHRIGHT signs) and put a product in there, I could see immediately the sales of that product skyrocketed.
Bob Reid, Owner, Burger King Franchisee, NC
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